8 Apr 2017

26 Quick Things You Need to Know About Breastfeeding

While breastfeeding is a natural thing, it doesn't come naturally for a new mother. You need to learn several things about breastfeeding if you want to make it work from the start.

1. Breast milk is very healthy for your baby. Not every new mother will feel the call to nurse her newborn baby and we don't want to pressure everyone to try it. However, before making your mind, it is good to be aware, at least, of the multiple benefits of breastfeeding.

2. You may also get healthier thanks to breastfeeding your baby. Studies have shown that over time, nursing offers protection against ovarian and breast cancers.

3. A nursery glider or platform rocker is a popular item that can help mothers in feeding their newborn babies. This type of rocking chair moves as a swing seat. They are safer for toddlers because pinch points are moved away from the floor.

4. Nursing also helps to bond with your little one through the physical contact. It forces the mother to focus on nurturing and sit still. Studies have shown that breastfeeding can release oxytocin, prolactin and other "mothering hormones".

5. The antibodies contained in breast milk cannot be engineered. Studies have shown that babies who are breastfed get fewer colds, ear and sinus infections. They also have a decreased chance of having allergies, as well as less constipation and diarrhea issues.

6. In order to get started, you need lots of support, effort, and patience. While it's true that women have been breastfeeding since forever, this it not always just happens on its own. You need to first become familiar with this if you have never breastfed before.

7. Theoretically, you only need breasts in order to breastfeed. However, some items may help the process. For instance, breast milk storage bags help to keep your booby juice for a later meal. Using breast milk storage bags is the newest way to store your breast milk.

8. Breastfeeding can save you a lot of money. In case that you rarely use formula and mostly nurse, in your baby's first year you may save up to $350.

9. If you decide to try breastfeeding, your baby will thrive on the cuddly closeness and your milk. Have trust in your body, breastfeeding is, after all, a totally natural process.

10. It is recommended to keep track of your baby feeding schedule. As soon as you can, try breastfeeding in the hospital, preferably under the supervision of a lactation consultant or nurse.

11. You need to be aware of the fact that your baby will get your nipple and their lips in the right position, knowing instinctively how to suck. However, at first, this process may involve some trial and error. The baby may cry, the nipple may slip out of their mouth, or they may be just too sleepy to eat.

12. If the first breastfeeding session is not going as smooth as you hoped for, don't get discouraged. Ask the help of the lactation consultant or nurse. They will know how to position the baby properly.

13. Do not be worried, even if are not able to get it right for a whole day. Your baby is born with extra energy and they won't starve.

14. Among the ways of nursing the baby, it is worth to mention the cradle, the football, and the lying-down.

15. You should breastfeed your baby each time they cry or every two hours. Rub their cheek with your finger or your nipple, to make them turn toward the breast.

16. Your milk supply will start due to the stimulation of your baby sucking, even if they may not get much milk in the beginning.

17. Each nursing session may be as long as 45 minutes or as short as five minutes. You're your baby gets used with breastfeeding, they will likely nurse on each breast for 20 to 40 minutes. It's fine to switch them to the other side if keeping on one breast for a long time.

18. You need to know that the first meal of your baby from you is colostrum, not milk. This is a yellowish liquid that is rich in antibodies. The colostrum has the role in boosting the baby's immune system. Your breasts will produce real milk after a few days.

19. At first, your breasts may feel like they are about to burst or as they are full of rocks. The best way to relieve these unpleasant sensations is to nurse often. Every time you nurse drink a large glass of water, take your prenatal vitamins and eat well.

20. You should call your pediatrician if your baby's skin is yellowing, your baby is frequently lethargic and fussy, your baby's stools are dark and hard, or if they stop feeding after less than 10 minutes.

21. You may shop for some breastfeeding pillows that can help you with the task of holding your baby. In fact, there is more than just one way to nurse a baby. However, the most comfortable way for both is always the best way.

22. Among the supplies that can help make nursing easier are the supportive nursing bras. It is recommended to choose styles without an underwire.

23. Another product designed for a nursing mother is the Lanolin ointment. Sore nipples can be soothed by using this ointment.

24. Nursing absorbent pads placed in your bra can catch leaks and help you have far less laundry to do.

25. A breast pump can help relieve engorgement of your breasts. There are many types of breast pumps, from electric to hand-held.

26. When bacteria multiply in a milk duct after entering the breast, an infection called mastitis can cause nursing pain. The infected area will become red and hot if you have mastitis. Warm compresses, safe antibiotics and nursing can help heal the infection.

5 Feb 2017

Tips to Choosing the Best Child Care for your Little One

If you are the parent of a toddler, the chances are you will be looking for a suitable venue to leave your child while you actively pursue your career. Being a parent doesn’t mean you cannot pursue your dreams, and after a suitable period off work, it is time to get back into the groove. This means exposing your child to a new environment, and although you might feel a little reluctant to unsettle the little one, it is a necessary part of growing up, and is also an integral part of the learning curve. If you are about to return to work and are looking for the right child care centre, here are some valuable insights.

The Right Vision

A child care centre is not just a safe place to leave your son or daughter, it is a carefully controlled environment where the little one can explore and learn. If you live in Western Australia, and are looking for South Perth child care, Little Peoples Place has multiple Perth child care centres, all manned by trained child care staff who know how to bring out the best in a young person.

Online Solutions

The Internet is a wonderful tool, and if you wish to know more about a child care centre, for example, their website would be a direct reflection of their business. The ideal establishment would have a vision of philosophy that involves natural learning, and with parental and community involvement high on the list, you can expect your little one to thrive in such an environment. You can also use the World Wide Web to source a local venue, whether it be child care in East Perth, or even in Sydney, there will be online child care centres that are within reach of your home.

Look for Happy Kids

If you were to visit a potential child care centre, you should see happy children. The time away from mum and dad should be stimulating and above all enjoyable. A reputable centre would have all the resources for your child to explore and develop, which would include the following:

ü  Clay sessions

ü  Music and Movement

ü  Art

ü  Blocks

ü  Storytelling

Daily Communication

Once you enrol your child into the program, you should receive a small booklet that contains daily information about your child, It would typically include information about diet, activities, and general well-being, with emotional observations also recorded. Should the child be undergoing stress, or is unhappy for any reason, it is essential that the parents are aware of this. By working together with your child’s care worker, you can monitor the child’s progress and quickly identify any areas that require adjustment.

By providing a safe and intriguing environment, the day care centre is the platform for social and physical development that your child needs before entering the world of formal education.

17 Oct 2016

What are the Fashion Statements that You can Get with Plus Size Evening Dresses?

There has been a prevalent idea all over the world, that women, who are plus sizes, do not look good in any kind of dresses. But this really wrong, and you can look gorgeous if you know how to carry plus size evening dresses and your body types before you order for these dresses. Right from gowns to skirts, and A-lined dresses, there are different varieties to choose from, when you consider looking stylish in plus size dresses:

  • It is important to know your body shape first and then you can buy the dress accordingly from the online portals. If your hip or abdominal section is larger than the rest of the body, then you can find plus size evening dresses which are suitable for the apple-shaped body.
  • You can try out the long-flowing tops which can  be wornover the palazzos or the long flowing skirts, so that the parts of your body which bulge out can be camouflaged very easily. You have to be very careful about wearing a dress that drapes the shoulder and the bust regions. If you want to keep the shoulder open, then you can try out some frilled layers of cloth that start from under your bust lines, and continue underthe knees.
  • Pleated long gowns in pastel or dark shades will also look goodduring any small formal office party,  any wedding anniversary orduring the spring summer parties. Floral shades with pleated gowns will look better if you apply minimal make-up and these dresses also look good during any evening party and night outs.

4 Factors to Consider Before You Buy the Plus Size Evening Dresses:

#1. Know about the size of the dress:

People often make a mistake of buying a dress one or two size long or short. It is wrong. If the dress is too small, it will cling to your body, and if it is too large, you will look oversized. It is very important to consider the L or the XXL or the XXXL size before you buy the plus size evening dresses. You should go for a perfect size to make yourself look slimmer and perfect in shape. If you have a good neckline, then you can experiment with strapless dresses.

#2. Choose the right lingerie before you put on the plus size dress:

The whole idea of looking good in the plus size evening dresses will be nullified, if you do not have the right set of undergarments. They must highlight your special features, and yet you must not look odd in the plus size dresses. The right undergarments can give a toned, firm and straight look to your body, enhancing the confidence when you wear the plus size dresses.

#3. Go for latest trends when buying plus size evening dresses from an online portal:

When you buy the plus size evening dresses, you need to look and follow the current trends, but you can also start experimenting with the colors, geometric designs and your own customized choices when it comes to selecting the right type of plus size dress.

#4. Choose from any one or two types of branded stores:

Non-branded stores do not give you the options of changing the dresses very often, and only the branded garment stores can give you the ideal plus size evening dresses.

So now you can start buying some of the best designer evening dresses, without worrying about the type and shape of your body.  

23 Jul 2016

Does BV Happens in Menopause?

Vaginal infections are not so common during menopause, but it can happen. Avoid treatment of these infections can seriously jeopardize the health and cause uneasiness and pin. Cause of infections in menopause may be bacteria, fungi, viruses or parasites.

Cause of vaginal infections during menopause

Menopause is a period of woman's life where many changes occur. Vaginitis and bacterial vaginosis can happen. Inflammation caused by the change of balance between the bacteria normally found in the vagina of sexually mature women and hormonal changes

Vaginal infections are one of the most common problems faced by mature women. Although the symptoms of inflammation are very often, main information about these infections are not familiar. Vaginitis, vaginosa and colpitis are different terms that express same condition - inflammation of the vagina. It can be caused by various microorganisms, and chemical or physical stimuli.

A healthy vagina produces secretions that moisturizes and kept clean, in a similar manner in which salivary gland function in the oral cavity. Vaginal discharge is a normal occurrence in sexually mature women and is usually clear or whitish and dried, and underwear can be yellowish. Appearance of secretions change during different phases of the emotional stress, diet changes, taking various medications or during sexual arousal.

pH of vagina is acidic, which protects it from infection. However, during the different phases of the women body cycle it can be changed, and then is infection most often. Inflammation is caused by the change of balance between the bacteria normally found in the vagina of sexually mature women and hormonal changes. The causes that lead to an imbalance may be multiple: taking various medications (eg, antibiotics), too frequent use of intimate bath, contraceptives (oral or topical), emotional stress, sexually transmitted diseases or frequent change of sexual partners. But, it is possible to get rid of bacterial vaginosis with home remedies, you just have to consult your gynecologist.

Excessive care with various chemical substances such as soap, bath, shower gels, creams used after waxing, can cause allergic reactions or irritate the tissue of the vulva and vagina. After menopause, vaginal atrophy can also occur, as a result of reduced estrogen levels. When inflammation of the vagina happens, whether caused by bacteria or fungi, it is important to recognize the symptoms in time and promptly go to a gynecologist. Doctor can prescribe antibiotics, and you can ask your doctor about home remedies too.


Bacterial vaginal infection can pass without any symptoms, which occurs in almost every other woman. In others, there may be a yellowish or grayish vaginal discharge odor, which is not too thick, but pain in the vagina almost completely absent. In case of bacterial vaginosis, vaginal discharge can be further enhanced after intercourse or after frequent change of sexual partners.

3 Jun 2016

Celebrate Every Stage of Motherhood With Thoughtful Gifts

Motherhood comes with a lifetime responsibility and we believe in celebrating almost all the important stages of motherhood. Hence, we have planned for a perfect mother’s day gifts for all kind of moms from new moms to empty nesters which will leave your mother with box full of memories even long after the occasion is gone.

mother's day gifts

Being a new Mom is quite a challenging task and first time Mom will be truly a new experience. With the baby waking up at odd hours and baby crying all the time. Currently what she is expecting from you is precisely two things one is food and the other is sleep. Let her spoil by giving her the perfect mommy heaven and plan a week’s meal for her. If you don’t believe in preparing meals then it is best to get a meal delivery that will put her off the pressure. You can also babysit for her few hours so that she can get some good sleep on the occasion.

If your kid is now been a toddler. They have started to build different personalities and I would say they are somewhat like a true whirlwind – chattering and blabbering all the time. It needs some constant energy which is hard to have. For all such moments, it is best to delight her with a relaxing Spa. Some fluffy towels, dim lights and a warm water bath is best to make her feel quite rejuvenated.

Gifting for a teenager can be really tough because it has been a pivotal role. All you need is a perfect balance and have to keep tabs on the growing teens. Plan a day out with her friends so that she can get all the latest gossips with some perfect blend of tea in a good tea house.

mother's day gifts

For Moms whose kids have grown into perfect adults, some are in college and some others might have got settled in their lives. Although, the kids are no longer dependant on her but you need to remind her that you still love her. Hence it is best to gift her a bouquet of flowers which will be mother’s day gifts for moms. Gift her a bunch of vibrant sunflowers which is sure to put up a smile on your Mom’s face.

Mothers have always been special for you and they have stood by you like thick and thin. So it is important to celebrate this important women of your life with some thoughtful gifts for the occasions. After all she has been you’re your perfect friend, philosopher and guide.

19 May 2016

Mom’s Opinion For Using Kitchen Taps With Baby

kitchen tab

A kitchen is often called not just the hearth, but also the heart of any home. In order to clean the kitchen area, wash and clean utensils and vegetables, and to conduct your kitchen chores, you need water, and for that you need the basin taps or the sink taps which can lead to a proper flow of water. An important kitchen element is your kitchen tap which is used quite frequently in a day. You need it while cooking, washing your pans and pots, cleaning countertops and vegetables. Therefore, it is important to choose best quality taps for your kitchen.

Different types of kitchen tap available in today’s market:

With the quick advancement of technology, plumbing industry has improved a lot. You can get wide range of products for one particular item. So, it is not difficult for you find out a kitchen tap with mom’s advice for your home. Moreover, you can get hundreds of online shops selling kitchen accessories. You will never find any shortage of options for sure. Some of the popular types of taps suggested by mom are:

  • Water filter taps
  • High spout taps
  • Hot water taps
  • Cold water taps
  • Fold down spout taps
  • Coloured taps
  • Pull out head taps
  • Foot pedal taps
  • Innovative LED taps
kitchen tap

Each of the taps mentioned above can fit to any style of kitchen. They all have some interesting and individual features. You should select them on the basis of these unique features. If you are still confused, you can take advice from your mom. After all, she has years of experience in this household matter.

Some important styles of kitchen tap:

You can also find your kitchen tap in various outstanding styles. In order to get the perfect one, you must start your selection process by considering your sink. A few popular styles of taps are:

  • Mixer tap
  • Dual flow tap
  • Pillar basin tap
  • Monobloc tap
  • Pop up waste tap

Various range of finish found for kitchen tap:

Whenever you want to buy anything for your home, you consider its finish. It becomes mandatory for the things which you will show off. So, you must consider the finish of your kitchen tap. According to the way that mom says to choose kitchen taps, you must choose those taps which are easy to clean and maintain, and which can be operated and installed very easily. Go for those taps that are long-lasting and durable as far as regular use is concerned.

  • Stainless steel
  • Nickel
  • Black
  • Brush
  • White
  • Oiled bronze
  • Polished brass
Select kitchen Btaps

Important tips to keep your kitchen tap clean:

Kitchen is that place where you prepare and/or eat food, an important element to restore your health. So, you need to give your best effort to keep this spot clean and hygiene. While cleaning your kitchen floor and countertop, you should not ignore the areas around kitchen tap. Contaminated water can cause a great harm to your family’s health. A few important tips to check out while cleaning these taps are:

  • Clean your taps by using warm soapy water with a soft cloth.
  • Rinse taps prior to wiping them with dry cloth
  • Avoid using abrasive compounds, creams or pads
  • Listen to the instructions given by your mom to get sparkling taps
Mom with kitchen tap

You must consult with someone who has earlier experiences. So, your mom is the right person for choosing most decent kitchen taps for your home. You can get hundreds of stores supplying a wide range of fabulous taps. But if you are a beginner in the process, you must not listen to the salespersons.

20 Apr 2016

Take Mom’s View on Keeping Multiple Things of Storage Units for Your Home

When it comes to having a neat and uncluttered home there is no better solution than having enough storage space. If there is less or no storage space, there are many things in the house that cannot be just thrown away because you do not need them currently. Right from storage boxes to cabinets and the storage containers, you need different types of storage units to classify things, store them and to maintain them in your home or office. When I became a mom, I followed the same storage pattern to keep things for my children in the same manner.

storage unit

Generally, people prefer to have storage units that are easy to handle and have features such as

  • Easy access
  • Easy to move from one place to another
  • Easy access to things
  • Can be easily accessed by the ladies of the house even without needing anybody’s help
  • Durable
  • Cost effective
  • Space effective

storag sheds

Storage units for home:

According to a mom’s perspective, the storage units are one of the indispensible things in a home and no home can remain clutter free without them. If you walk into your home and see all the things lying here and there in a haphazard manner, you just get irritated and do not feel like arranging these things all at once. Cluttered home is one of the reasons of depression and people declutter their homes as a measure to come out of depression. For that you must need the most storage unit for your place.

The material

The storage units are made up of various materials and different materials are suitable for different people. Most of the people prefer to have a storage unit in a material that is long lasting because the stuff that is to be stored in them is to be kept for a long period of time, and that is what was told to me by my mom also.

self storage

The materials in which the storage units are available are

  • Metal: aluminium, steel and iron are the most used metals for this purpose and they are the most durable. The corrosion resistant steel is mostly in demand because of its property of resisting any corrosion at all.
  • Wood: this may go with the decor of the house and give you a durable choice. But if you have wooden units, they may get corroded or infested with insects or moths, which degrade the quality of wood.
  • Vinyl: this is also a durable material and lasts very long. It is light in weight but may not bear the load of heavy items for as long as metal.

storage units

What all can be stored?

There are many things that need to be kept away for later use to make a home organized and neat. These were some of the things that I advised my grown-up son, to store in the cabinets, when he went to hostel:  You can store following items in storage units

  • Tools and equipments: you can store away the tools and equipments that can be dangerous for kids and other people who may trip over them. Make sure that to keep them away from kids.
  • Documents: if your office in your home you will need to store most of your documents because they are important and there is no better way to do that than in stackable storage units. The units will not only keep them out of reach of children but will also keep them from getting dirty due to every day dust accumulation.