9 Feb 2015

12 Most Enjoyable Blogs by Women

Since starting my blog, Empty House, Full Mind, in August of 2011, I have read hundreds of other blogs by women — and there are some terrific ones out there. My preference for personal blogs is well-written, not too long posts with a unique author’s voice that says “this is me.” For a how-to or recipe blog, I like useful information shared in an easily accessible way with great photos.

Here are some of the blogs written by women that I enjoy the most.

1. Grown and Flown

This is a well-written blog about midlife by two women who are friends. Easy to read, relevant topics, this blog is of particular interest to those of us who are at midlife and have teens/grown kids.

2. The V Spot Blog

I found this blog when I met its author at a girl’s-night-out in my neighborhood. What a great introduction that was! This blogger is sort of a cross between Martha Stewart and Erma Bombeck — she crafts, she’s funny, she’s honest, and she shares her life with her readers, warts and all. With nearly 2000 Google friends and 2000 Facebook fans, this woman knows what she’s doing… and it shows.

3. Word Nerd Speaks

A few months ago I joined a blogging group on Facebook called GBE2. Our fearless leader is the author of this blog, where she talks about writing, blogging, current events, her life… whatever strikes her fancy. She also provides prompts for our group each week, inspiring us to write more, think harder, and push ourselves.

4. Confessions of a Fat Girl

Funny, clever, honest and entertaining, this blog is a new one on my rotation but it’s always a treat to read. From personal confessions to cures for the hiccups, she never fails to hold my attention.

5. The View From Midlife

Every time I read this blog I feel like the author is saying what I’m thinking or feeling. Her words are genuine, her posts are concise and readable — you can hear her voice clearly. A mom at midlife, she speaks from her heart.

6. The Gypsy Nester

Ok, technically this is written by a husband and wife, but I wanted to include it anyway. This couple decided to sell everything and travel the world after their children left home, and they are sharing their experiences with their readers. You can live vicariously through their words and (fabulous) photos.

7. Housekaboodle

Another recent addition to my list of favorites, Housekaboodle is all about real estate and interior design — and it’s fabulous! Amazing pictures of homes for sale across the country, plus beautiful interiors to drool over, this site is a home design addict’s dream. I predict this blog is on a path to big numbers.

8. The Mouthy Housewives

The Mommy Bloggers are a huge, big, gigantic phenomenon. They are everywhere, and most of them take themselves very seriously. Not these women. An advice column with a great big wink, the four women who run this blog are very, very funny and sharp as tacks. I’m always glad when they pop up on blogher.com with another post.

9. Kalyn’s Kitchen

I was introduced to this blog by a friend who lost nearly 75 pounds, helped along by recipes he found on this website. Everything I’ve made that I’ve found here has been delicious. Following the basic premise of the South Beach Diet, Kalyn’s Kitchen creates recipes that anyone will enjoy, dieting or not.

10. The Succulent Wife

This life-style blog is packed with great ideas for cooking, home maintenance, travel, gifts… you name it. Lots to read and lots to learn about.

11. Over 50, Feeling 40

What’s great about this blog is that the author shares not only about her life in San Antonio, but the fabulous fashion finds she picks up for herself. She posts photos of what she’s wearing, along with where the items were purchased and how much they cost (not very much!), and she always looks so put-together. She’s a great example for women over 40 of how to dress well for very little money.

12. Margie Clayman

For a thoughtful and entertaining blog about blogging and all that’s involved with social media, this is the place to go.

Which women are you following via social media? Which blogs by women do you find especially interesting? Share yours so we can all discover new voices.

Original Source: http://12most.com/2012/07/27/readable-blogs-by-women/


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