26 Feb 2015

Look Fashionable in Right Maternity Clothes

Maternity clothes might sound strange to you if you are not familiar with dressing for two. You need to be familiar with style which would look nice on you with growing baby bump. You have to understand the type of pieces in which you should invest in your cute pregnancy. Remember you have stylish nine months to look forward to.

Dresses and A-Line Shirts

A large number of women pregnant or otherwise go for empire-waist or A-line shirts and dresses because these flow away from tummy. This pattern is comfortable and attractive and has seam just below the bust to ensure availability of enough space for expanding midsection. This is also an economical option as single piece can fit you for entire pregnancy period. You should hold on to these A-line tops and the dresses as you are likely to wear these for sometime after the delivery because of the baby weight that would still be there. CouponDekho has the best coupons and deals maternity apparels.

Belly Band

Belly band is actually a lifesaver for the pregnant women. This stretchy band of fabric overlaps top of the unzipped or the low-slung jeans, skirts or pants and keeps these up and still leaves enough room for the growing belly.

The comfortable clothes are needed during pregnancy but you can also play the feminine side during this period. Majority of women prefer to wear girlie colors, floral and ruffles to complement pregnancy glow. The shirts selected should have longer hemlines in front for covering the expanding belly and yet have space on the top for shoulders and increasing bust.

Designer Jean

During early pregnancy, you will be able to wear favorite pants and jeans. You can buy some more time by using belly band till you require maternity pants. You should invest in few pairs of stretchy-waist maternity jeans by fourth or fifth month. You have good news that some designer labels like Citizens of Humanity, 7 for All Mankind are making the maternity jeans to give pregnant women a fashionable look.

New Bras

First signs of pregnancy are tender breast and swelling. Your bust might grow by size of a cup or even more in next nine months. You would need larger and more supportive bra soon. Do not buy many bras before the baby is born as burst size would change after delivery. Few new bras would suffice and you can get a good range at http://www.coupondekho.co.in/shoppersstop/.

Layered look

Body and weather temperature would vary during the pregnancy period. With passage of time you will feel increasingly warm. You will feel comfortable dressing in layers.

Exercise Clothes

Go for cozy zip-up hoodies, stretchy Yoga pants or breathable and stretchy tank tops on the casual days. You should avoid constricting clothing. Use Amazon India coupons to get them at a good discount.

Beyond Maternity Stores

Do not restrict yourself to maternity clothes stores as many big retailers such as Old Navy, Like Gap, Ann Taylor and Kohl’s provide suitable maternity lines. You could also check from the local boutiques and the online stores for maternity clothes. If you look at the right places almost everything can be found.


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