31 Mar 2015

Top 5 outfits with Leggings

History repeats itself, especially in fashion.

The most popular 60s clothing is back with a bang. If you are into fashion you know gorgeous, skin fitted leggings have made a resurgence. Uncomfortable skin tight jeans, which do not offer elasticity and can lead to rashes, are tired out. The leggings trend is back every women is cheesy to wear them.

Leggings for Curvy Women

If you want in on the trend, the first step is deciding what pair is best for you. Being bulky will show your curves more so the best leggings for curvier women are printed and thick leggings. They will cover the curves and make your figure look more toned.

Printed Leggings and Plain Top

If you prefer plain tops than the best leggings for you are printed leggings. Printed leggings compliment plain shirts and short body coats or sweaters.  They can also be worn with a printed tee shirt but in that case use a plain coat to cover most of the shirt and it will give you a classy and well-dressed look.

Plain Leggings and Kurti

Kurtis are like shirts but they have an embroidered border and neck line. If your kurti has the same color embroidery as your legging it will not only look classy but will also complement your personality.

Plain leggings can be leathery or more elastic it all depends on your choice. With kurtis that don’t have too many colors the elastic leggings will make you look like a fashionista.

Printed Shirts with Leggings

The best leggings for printed shirts are plain leggings. Plain leggings will complement the overflow of colors on your kurti. If your shirt is small, like a blouse, then ankle-low leggings will work best. If you are into shirts that cover your thighs than knee leggings are the leggings for you. In either case, don’t forget to wear plain boots!

Plain Shirt and Studded Leggings

Studded leggings are eye catching and they draw attention. You will not want to distract from that by wearing a vibrant and multicolor top. The best leggings to wear with plain shirts and jewelry are studded leggings.

Studded leggings are not only classy but give your style an extra statement when worn with a casual shoulder bag. To finish the look, wear a coat that has studded shoulders.

Jeggings with What?

Jeggings are denim-looking leggings that give the appearance of jeans, but are stretchy and flexible. Professional women will have their style enhanced by wearing jeggings with checkered shirts. They go best with any kind of kurti and small length shirts.

But don’t ever wear printed or studded leggings to work, they look casual not professional! 



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