23 Apr 2015

8 Fashion Secrets to Steal From French Women

There is a mysterious flavor or French women stylishness. When you ask anyone to describe that style, you usually get the answer: chic, stylish, couture, classic… oh well, all in all perfect. And they make everything look so effortlessly gorgeous. Wouldn’t you just love if you could get in the French woman wardrobe and robe her of everything? But wait, it’s not only about clothing pieces, it’s about properly putting it all together and wear it with Parisian charm and attitude. So, embark with us into this journey to find out what is exactly the French fashionable “je ne sais qui” and how can we steal it.

#1 Put a signature on it

Don’t be a slave to fashion trends. French women enslaved by fashion, they are masters of it. Buy clothes that you like, don’t just go to the store with the intention of buying what is the hottest trend in the given moment. That’s how you’ll look like one of the many girls, and a French woman would want to be special. When you are wearing an outfit, infuse it with your personal touch, and do that with every outfit. In that way you’ll develop your signature look, and never again you’ll have to go to a fashion quest in order to find yourself. Why? Because you’ll never wonder again.

#2 There is no mistake with striped shirt

When someone says “French”, what crosses my mind first is Breton striped shirt. It is the ultimate every age, every day look. It is that famous European “I’m cool and I’m not even trying” look, that every lady should give a test. You can combine it with jeans, black pants, a pencil skirt or a maxi print skirt for a bohemian look. Some would say that this look is too stereotypical, but what’s wrong stereotypes when they are positive?

#3 Make it fit

You should wear clothes which flatters your body shape, just like the French women do. No matter the trends that are perhaps telling you to do otherwise, there is nothing more elegant then a woman’s figure, so you should accentuate your positives with the right clothes. Buy clothes that fit your figure, and if you make a mistake sometimes, you can always re-tailor it.

#4 Neutral is the French black

French women make fashion look mature and grown-up, fashion is not a little girls’ play, it’s a woman’s business. And what is more mature then neutral color palettes? French women dress in white, beige, black and brown. Even on the beach, French ladies would never wear a colorful suit, they would often decide for neutral one piece swimwear. As for the pop of color they are compensating that with accessories.

#5 What would Coco wear?

When having doubts about your outfit, ask yourself what would the French fashion icon Coco Chanel wear? The ultimate fashion evergreen (or ever black) item is of course the little black dress every woman should have in her wardrobe. You would get Coco’s pat on the back also for wearing a fitted blazer or white cocktail attire.

#6 Go bare skinned

For a French woman her face is her strongest asset. That’s why she finds that her crucial obligation is take proper care of it. For that reason they often don’t need makeup, because their skin already has a healthy glow. To complete that look add just a hint of lipstick, mascara and a blush.

#7 Red lipstick as an accessory

A French woman thinks a red lipstick is more than just a makeup: it’s a statement. And we couldn’t agree more. Wear it with as less as possible makeup, or no makeup whatsoever. This will give you the indefinable Parisian touch to your look.

#8 Care for your hair

A proper Parisian lady has a hairdresser on a speed dial. She is nourishing her hair attentively in order to make it look healthy and shiny. Short bob and a shoulder-dusting crop are the most common choice for her haircut. Simple, yet chic is the way to go if you want to copy French woman hairstyles. She would never (so neither should you) accessorize her hair. The un-styled style is her “je ne sais qui” when it comes to hair.

And the ultimate French women style secret is: Do not dress to impress, dress for yourself.


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