22 May 2015

Changing Your Look for Summer

For many of us the summer is a perfect excuse to spruce up our wardrobe, do something crazy with our hair and give ourselves a complete style overhaul. The fresh air, warmer weather and longer days has us inspired to look our best and feel beautiful too.

With summer holidays coming up, numerous BBQ’s with family and friends and many more evenings in the beer garden there are little more excuses to invest in not only a new summer wardrobe, but a new summer you.

Whatever your plans are this summer, making a positive change to your appearance can greatly benefit your self-worth and overall confidence. If you look a million dollars, you will feel it too. But just how do you go about beginning such a makeover?

Out with the Old

Everything you have in your wardrobe that you haven’t worn in a year needs to go – yes even that dress that you have been promising yourself you will wear at some point. No matter how much you love the items you need to get rid of clothes that don’t fit, jeans with zippers that don’t do up and all those odd shoes that you’re sure the other one is somewhere.

Instead of throwing out your old clothes sort them into three piles. The best stuff and things that still has labels can be sold on sites such as Ebay or on Facebook local swap pages, stuff that is old but not broken can be taken to a charity shop to help someone less fortunate than yourself and broken clothing can also be donated to be used for things such as cleaning rags in factories – once you’re done you can start filling your wardrobe back up.

In with the New

Either online or in your local town, grab a girlfriend and have her help you pick out a new wardrobe – choose someone honest who you know will tell you the truth about how good or bad your new choices are. Make a note of the most popular colour in your old wardrobe and avoid it like the plague, it is time for a new you, not the old you in newer clothes. Don’t be afraid to be adventurous and remember you don’t have to do it all at once – stock up on the essentials now and slowly fill your wardrobe over the next six months so you have something for every season.

A new do’

Changing our hair can be a difficult choice to make; for some women they can easily change the style and cut every time they visit the salon, but for other women – like myself – their mum gives them a haircut at eight years old and it stays for the rest of their life because it “suits them”. Changing the colour or style of your hair can be extremely scary and for that reason wigs can be a great tool to finding a new you – if cutting your hair off or going for a dramatically different colour from your own is too much to risk, invest in a good, human hair wig that you can wear instead until you feel comfortable enough to make the cut.

Whatever you do to find the new you this summer, remember you’re doing it for yourself and no one else. No one needs to look good for summer, but if you look in the mirror and you think you do – it’s going to help you feel it too.

Robyn Edwards currently writes for Joseph’s Wigs, a UK based company who specialise in wigs, hair pieces and head wear for men and women struggling with hair loss and alopecia. Joseph’s Wigs offer a human, sensitive and expert approach to coping with your hair piece needs. Visit our site today to learn more about our wigs and hair pieces, or give us a call to speak to a specialist about your hair care needs. 


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