12 May 2015

Dogs and the Elderly, a Match Made in Heaven

There comes a time when we all grow old. Those days can be filled with loneliness and boredom, mostly due to lack of proper company. This is a common situation with a lot of elderly in the world, and that is why they should get a pet. There are several studies which show that having a pet will improve the reduction of anxiety, but also improve your health condition and give you someone to pet and play with. This is where the dogs come in.

They say that dog is a man`s best friend. Growing old can be very tough, especially if you are alone. So having one of these curly, petting-loving creatures to wander around the house can be very inspiring. But how do you decide on which dog you should get?

There are several things to be taken into consideration:

#1. Temper

There are hundreds of different dog species and each dog has its own temper. Some tend to be very cuddly; others can be aggressive and fiery. Take some time to think on what kind of a dog you need and what you can offer to it in return. Dogs need a lot of attention, so if you are a couch potato, get a dog that loves to be petted rather than go outside and run all crazy.

#2. Size

This is also a very important element in the dog choosing situation. The size of a dog varies from the size of a rat to the size of a lioness. Usually, smaller dogs require less force to be carried, less energy to put into walking them, and tend to eat less than bigger dogs. Also, smaller dogs take less space around the house, and are much more suited for urban areas. This does not mean that larger dogs are worse, but they are rather a bit more problematic when it comes to grooming them, walking them, feeding them, and providing them with a living space.

#3. Hair

One of the most important factors when choosing a dog is its hair. Density of hair can be a problem, and lots of people will not buy a dog that leaves behind a lot of hair during hot summer periods. This leads to cleaning the house every day, and constant issues with this. Grooming can do the job here, but there will be still dog hair everywhere. On the other hand, some elderly love to dress their pets into different costumes and clothes, and put ribbons on their hair to make them look even more cute and adorable.

Keep your dog happy and put more thought into buying pet supplies than usual. By doing so, not only will your dog be healthier, but it will also feel more energetic. Dog food is important factor for dog`s growth and behavior, so do the research before buying it.

It is only fair to say that dogs exist to upgrade our lives to a different level. Constant feeling of happiness, joy, having someone to talk to (although they will only bark back), and someone to cuddle with is what makes dogs special. So to all the elderly out there feeling lonely and forgotten – get yourself a nice dog, and feel alive once more.


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