22 May 2015

Homecoming Trends 2015 to Help your Daughter Look Her Best

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Most of us may not like to admit it but there comes a time in our lives when the little girl we once had turns into a beautiful lady. One of the instances that you’ll see this change manifest is during homecoming where you will see her all prepped up in her homecoming dress, makeup and hair. As a mom, you want to make sure your daughter looks her best during this once in a lifetime event.

Whether she’s gunning for a position on the homecoming court, princess or queen – or, you simplyjust want her to have a good time and demonstrate school spirit – homecoming is a great opportunity for her to bond with friends and classmates she hasn’t seen  inawhile. Depending on where you live, homecoming can simply be a part of the regular football season or something larger and more significant that the entire town becomes involved.

Homecoming’s origins are hotly contested. Ivy fans say it started in the 1870s, with the annual Harvard-Yale football game, in which alumni were encouraged to attend. Other schools – Baylor, Illinois and Missouri – can trace homecoming back to 1910. But homecoming generally means the same thing: a “home” football game surrounded or precluded by banquets, rallies, parades and speeches, and followed by more parades and dances.  

Homecoming is often the culmination of “Spirit Week” in which the school is feted throughout the week. Revving up school spirit is the goal, as alumni and current students join together. Unlike prom, which nearly always centers around a high schoolers, “homecoming” is used in reference to both high school and college (usually the first or final home game of the regular season), and it’s become an American tradition and part of the common vernacular.

Even if sports aren’t your thing, there are plenty of related celebrations, and perhaps the most popular is the Homecoming Dance. While some colleges have a version of a Homecoming Dance, generally through the Greek system or social club, the homecoming dance is the bailiwick of high school.

Some high schools hold the homecoming dance in the gym or cafeteria – basically anywhere within the school grounds. Others, especially those schools who do not have a Winter Formal dance, treat it as something a little more formal. And we all know what his means: the search for homecoming dresses 2015 is on (and, if in your head, you just silently added, “like Donkey Kong”, give yourself props).

Most homecoming dresses 2015 are going to differ from what is worn to prom, the latter of which is often considered much more formal. Still, homecoming is a time to dress up and show off. In the U.S., homecoming is held in the fall so some students have cooler weather to contend with. Despite the potential chill, short formal dresses are popular for homecoming.

Trends for Homecoming Dresses 2015

  • Asymmetrical one-shouldered sleeveless
  • Asymmetrical one-shouldered long sleeve
  • Two-piece beaded midriff top, fitted skirt
  • Beaded high neckline top
  • Peek-a-boo-cuts
  • Illusion beadwork
  • Clusters of sequins
  • Clusters of stones
  • Sweetheart neckline
  • Fitted Corset
  • Sheer lace
  • Appliques
  • Small slits on short dresses
  • Lace applique over sheer fabric
  • Halter-style tops
  • Embellish bodices
  • Keyhole back
  • Satin waistband
  • Beaded waistband
  • Criss-cross pleating across the chest
  • Sweetheart neckline with plain or embellish sheer illusion netting creating a high neckline
  • Polka dotted skirt
  • Short dress, high neckline, capped sleeves
  • Edgy bandage style


Colors are bright and fresh for Homecoming dresses 2015. Look for vibrancy, even in pastels. We’re seeing     
  • Traditional black, but embellished
  • Deep pink
  • Coral
  • Red
  • Turquoise
  • Ivory
  • White
  • Bright Sea foam Green
  • Bronze
Many styles are available in a choice of colors too, so you’re very likely to find something that will flatter your daughter’s body type and skin color.

Dance, Dance, Dance

Since most homecoming dances feature music to dance to – often helmed by a DJ or a band – we suggest you get her a dress that doesn’t prohibit movement. We’re big advocates of comfort and given the wide variety of beautiful dresses available, you’re sure to help her find one that you’ll actually enjoy wearing. If she’s wearing a dress she loves and it features any kind of embellishment, including lace,

Homecoming is a time that you can bond with your daughter over things she would regularly do with her girlfriends. Take this opportunity to spend more time with her and help her with the essentials. You have many dresses to look at, and plenty of time to save the coin to buy the best of the homecoming dresses. Remember, she will look fabulous if she feel fabulous.


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