22 May 2015

Ideas Of Safe Destinations For Women Travelling Alone

So where to go alone if you are a woman travelling alone ?

Here are some tips to help you find out the most appropriate destinations for your best plan.

Because change of scenery does not necessarily mean getting away, I suggest you to begin a close destination to go alone: the Cathar castles. Simple to organize this trip is for those who are sensitive to the charm of old stones. If you've already looked at the history of the Cathar people persecuted by Pope Innocent III to XII in the fourteenth century, the emotion is great. Castles, abbeys and museums are witness of the struggle. The hike can be done on foot, horseback, bicycle, according to your abilities and your desires.

My second suggestion is for a Mediterranean destination as Palermo. It is an urban escape that I invite you to go alone, indeed. Some will appreciate the urban environment that offers perhaps more dating opportunities. It's still on foot, and with the use of public transport, of course, I suggest you approach this city rich in history. Look around and research in travel forum to find out the best ways how to stroll around the cathedral, in the labyrinth of alleys and stairs of the historic center, and not miss eg climbing the lookout for a breathtaking panorama. Take also the Little Smart. It gives you all the information regarding the International Puppet Museum, inescapable, and the Palatine Chapel, a masterpiece of Byzantine art, with magnificent mosaics. For dining, you will find plenty of good restaurants.

​For accommodation, many opportunities arise. Solo, I recommend the hostel. There are 86 in the city. They will give you the opportunity to cross paths with a diverse population. Interesting, too, the accommodation option as Homestays can be a excellent approach to understand the local lifestyle.

The third option is for intrepid. The destination is more distant and exotic. This is a three-week trip in Vietnam. It is entirely conceivable for a woman if you are a tough adventurer. It is imperative to prepare your adventure in advance. To this end, there are some very useful sites, like voyagevietnam.co which contains all the practical information and essential advice with travel stories that will make you stomp with impatience. MAny others sites can also inspire you. You will enjoy Hanoi, Halong Bay, Mui Ne, Carry a novel by Marguerite Duras. If you have time, enjoy The Lover, for example, in the right environment.


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