15 May 2015

Love Makes the World Go Round

We live in a world that is hanging precariously on the balance and the pretense of humanity and we have a long way to go if we want to achieve the elusive world peace that is coveted and highly touted as the saving grace of man by the more reasonable human beings who are fighting tooth and nail for it. And this battle or war of wills, souls and characters is not just the fight of intellectual people or world leaders but a plight and advocacy that we should support as stewards of our earth. We are all responsible for our own actions and we have an inherent responsibility for our neighbors. We don't stand a chance in the perilous future if we support the fragile mentality of every man for his own, an apathetic principle that does nothing to prevent or stop atrocious acts from around the world. The ship is tilting towards oblivion that is why we need to hold hands and fight for what is right and just and for the greater good of everyone else.

And so we need to shed our cloaks of indifference that is clouding our minds and our better judgment. We must strive to seek what is the best for everyone and not only for the selfish needs of some that is backed by ulterior motives and schemes. We need to see the goodness and the light shining through from our fellow human beings' hearts. And so must go the extra mile and exert the extra ounce of effort to get closer to our brothers, to understand their side and their opinions and to work towards a compromise that is just and beneficial for all parties concerned. Alone and without the support from our brethren, we do not stand a chance against the dark future that is stunting our growth and resolve to move forward. But if we hold on together and shoot for the stars, there is nothing impossible and we can shoot for the stars as long as we do it with each other.

For one, you can visit all dating websites so that you can identify with total strangers and see if you can empathize with their pains and troubles. You can start from there and you will see that even though we are individual human beings with unique traits, faults and merits, we are still not that different from each other. We share the same fears and the same apprehension about life and we are all geared towards a better life and a better world. You can start in these places so that you can make true friends who will stick with you and fight until the bitter end.

We are what we are, with all our faults and capabilities, and there are those who are really miserable excuse for human beings with their atrocious actions that do nothing to promote peace on earth and genuine harmony. But we must not lose hope because we have all that we need to overcome all the odds and that is the love in our hearts that shines through even in the darkest of times.

Candice Larson is a lifestyle and entertainment enthusiast. She's a resident blogger for The Australasian College. Candice is also a travel enthusiast.


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