11 Jun 2015

6 Things to Go Through Before I Do

Anyone getting married soon?There must be plenty of you, especially with the warmer months advancing. We wish you a happy marriage, and we hope you’ll stick together through the thick and thin.

But if you haven’t set the date yet, are you ready to do so? Are you a grown up mentally developed individual?Not every marriage is perfect, but neither are you. Not calling out on anybody, we’re all in this same flawed boat, it’s what keeps us going! Still, there are some things that you must try before settling down, because they will make you a tough cookie. So tough, no matter what marital life throws your way, you will know how to respond, and you will know what YOU want.

1. Try to do the job you wanted your whole life

There is a possibility that you will someday, either because of the money, good hours or location, have to burst your dream job bubble and do whatever is available. We are not the Baby Boomer Generation, and we have less choice, unfortunately. When you start a family, your choices will get cut down even further – you are no longer working for the sake of working, you are supporting your offspring. And that’s what really matters. So while you’re young and free, go for that hobby you like a little too much to keep it a hobby. Do it right, and you could do what you love for the rest of your life. And if not, then you’ll get it out of your system, and learn firsthand why it wasn’t meant to be.You’ll grow.

2. Travel

There is a time when it’s the most cost effective to travel, and that time is not when your ego has to be restrained. Children on the road are expensive. Your better half is a living being with personal wants and desires. You are not getting what you wanted either way. Gather up your crew and dive into an adventure that won’t break your budget! Whether you’re a thrill-seekeror you like being comfy, go solo.Learn about yourself, realize just how little you need in life to survive and be happy.

3. Experiment

Some things are much simpler when you’re single. You don’t have to answer to anyone, no one will get mad at you, nor resent you for anything. Things change a little in a relationship. But whatever your sexual pleasures are, you won’t know them until you get to know them… And by experimenting, you shouldn’t go for things you feel uncomfortable with. Learn to love yourself, and the marriage bedroom will not be a problem. Sadly, it is still the biggest problem. In any case, while you are young and less restricted, load up on condoms, and find new ways to use them.

4. Try to live with someone who’s not your parent or relative

When you move in to your own house or an apartment someday, unexpected issues can occur! Who does the dishes, who vacuums, who irons, who feeds the fishes, who maws the lawn, who walks the dog, those are some of the everyday chores that you must perfect and divide. And by the end of the day, stick to that rulebook. Former experience will come in handy so you can have someone to make a comparison with.

5. Check the financial state of your partner

One of the major stumbling stones. It often occurs that partners get married without any previous knowledge of their partner financial doings. Do they have two mortgages, are they paying off a car lease, do they spend their entire salaries on fancy dinners, do they save money? Marriage is all about compromise and you should behave accordingly. If one partner likes to spend more than the other, work out some kind of a limit.

6. Meet their family

When you choose them, it’s not only your future spouse you’ve chosen. There’s a whole package that comes with. Yes, hisentire family and friends. Meet all of them, and if you can let them take care of your unborn children, you can go on to say I do.


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