21 Jun 2015

Father’s Day – Daughters’ Every Day Superheroes

This important celebration in the name of one of the most important figures in a child’s life is held on the third Sunday of every June. As a complement to Mother’s day and female role models, Father’s Day is all about celebrating parental bonds of fatherhood – to honor every father, grandfather, great-grandfather, and male figures that had such an important role in parenting.

Every daughter that feels an exceptional affection and love for her father has a chance of showing it on this remarkable day. It’s an opportunity to cherish, support and pamper her role model who was her superhero once, and to show him how much of a superhero he still is.

How can a grateful daughter say thank you? We’re here to give a few suggestions.

A perfect meal for the perfect father

Cooking and serving special lunch or dinner can be a wonderful opportunity to gather the whole family and celebrate fathers, just on one condition - have the meal specially planned, perfectly spiced and savory - exactly to suit their taste. Who knows him better then you? No one. Only a daughter knows how a gorgeous dessert would be a perfect way to sweeten the day for her father. If he loves a certain cake you can surprise him with a garnished homemade version, or if he prefers cupcakes and muffins bake his favorite batch, decorate them with letters, and write him a meaningful message. Get his favorite wine and share a glass with him in comfortable silence, or laughing out loud in memory of the cheerful moments you spent together.

Have a family day out

There is no father that isn’t in love with some kind of sport. If you didn’t get the chance to take him to his favorite game, you should try to organize one, that way you’ll cover all the smiling, glee and physical exercise needed for this day to be just perfect.

If he’s an outdoorsy person than he’ll be so grateful he can enjoy all the wonders of fresh air and nature together with his daughter. Possibilities are endless: go biking down a new undiscovered path, or organize a scavenger hunt on bicycles to make the day more interesting, or organize a walk down a new walking trail, and make a picnic day the whole family can look forward to. Go fishing if the water scenery seems inviting. Go anywhere in nature, there’s no way you can go wrong.

Unless – the weather doesn’t allow any outdoor activities. Don’t give up just yet, there is still a way to save this wonderful day! Go bowling, split your family into teams and enjoy a bit of healthy competition, and if you’re kind enough, you just might even let your dad’s team win. Or, organize a movie night when you can play comedies or even footage of you and your parents from birthday parties and holidays to remember all the delight and fun you had when you were your father’s little daughter.

The Party with a big P

The party might take a little bit of planning ahead, especially if you want to make it perfectly special and enjoyable for your father. As a true daughter, you’ll know where and how to start. If you need assistance, we have a couple of ideas:

  • Beer tasting party

This one is quite easy if your father enjoys beer as fathers usually do, so this would be a perfect opportunity to gather up the family grownups and enjoy this beverage together. It is imperative to prepare his favorite snacks too, because a good beer should not go on an empty stomach.

  • Party for the Hero

If you feel your father would enjoy a party filled with kids (and grandkids), you might go a bit wider with the invitations. Make sure to include all the nephews and nieces – they should all be a part of this celebration too. Sometimes there’s no greater pleasure than having the whole loud family all around the house. You might catch a glimpse of your father sitting in his favorite chair just enjoying the view. You can also throw a costume party with his favorite superheroes that can remind your father how his family feels about him, and also keep all the kids entertained should the grownups have their own fun from time to time.

  • Surprise party

Any of the advice above could work; you just need a magical ingredient for a surprise party – a little bit of mystery and a knack for keeping secrets. Instruct your co-planners to be secretive and to help you distract the Dad when needed. Imagine the surprise and love surge he’ll feel once he realizes how much effort was involved and how devoted a family he has. Especially from his perfect daughter.

It really doesn’t matter if everything goes the way you expected, because nothing will ever be as perfect as you are to your father. Luckily, there is this one day you can make things perfect for him. We encourage you to give it your best shot because every loving father deserves it! Happy Father’s Day!


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