10 Jun 2015

How to Live Longer: Healthy living tips

The concept of health living is not new as various government and non-governmental agencies across the globe are promoting the need for healthy living. In the modern times, it has become crucial for everyone to relish a healthy living because everyone is suffering various health concerns, and bad lifestyle is the major cause for it. There are lots of ways of being healthy, but you need to follow them strictly. Healthy living is more than simple daily habits – it's a lifestyle. Whether you're trying to eat a well-balanced diet and find a new fitness routine. When you follow small healthy living tips the play crucial role to prolong your life.

Drink Adequate Water:

Drink almost eight to ten glasses of water every day. The human body is made of 60% of water therefore we should drink adequate water to keep our body functioning in the right manner.

Take Healthy Diet:

We all eat food for the growth and maintenance of a healthy body, but what we eat it directly associated with our health. Therefore, always try to have a balanced diet. Add lots of seasonal fruits, vegetable in your diet. Take the proper amount of natural protein that you can get from the foods like beans, eggs, nuts, etc. 

Do Not Eat Too Much:

If you want hit marks between 90 -100, leaving a tiny bit of sustenance on your plate may be a smart thought. That is the reason Japanese live longer as they quit eating when they are feeling just around 80% full.

In a recent report, researcher of St. Louis University found that restricting calories brought down the generation of T3, a thyroid hormone that moderates digestion system and accelerates the maturing methodology.

Have sex!

If you want to see your grandchild playing in your lap, then this is very sweet secret. Have a sex two to three times each week may stretch your life to another three years.  A single time sex means that you have consumed calories to be burnt in a 30 minutes’ walk. (Which would you rather do?)  Sex not only deliver pleasure, but also improve your blood circulation, immunity and reaches benefits to your heart.

Take Enough Sleep:

Do you get enough sleep? If know then you may get bad health in the coming future. According to a study, skimping on sleep and being overweight are associated with each other. As we see when we don’t get the proper sleep we compensate it buying eating snacks and other oily foods that leave a bad effect on our health.

Quit Smoking:

Now, which smoke, you want to see. Is it from a cigarette or is it from a candle on the cake on your 90th birthday? Well, the choice is yours. Smoking cut shorts your life by adding various risks to your health in the form of coronary illness, osteoporosis, emphysema and other constant lung issues, and stroke.

It harms your breathing and make you lackluster in every activity. Individuals who quit smoking can repair some if not all, of the harm done.


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