15 Jun 2015

How to Match your Prom Dress to your Personality

By golly it can be hard to shop for dresses that line up with our personality. There’s things I love in this life, things I don’t –and just because I am a hard core Lady Gaga fan, it really doesn’t mean I want to dress like her.

I’m 18 now, but only a small hand full of years ago I was starting out on my own with my own personal fashion and style. I’d outgrown my older sister in height so the consistent stream of hand-me-downs I’d grown up with had finally come to an end.

At first I was happy about it; new clothes. OMG new clothes.For once.

And then that’s when the realization that I had to actually pick out my own clothing started to fizzle into place. What was I going to do? I’d never bought my own clothes before!

So, what did I do?

First I calmed right the heck down and thought about it. I asked myself a series of questions. Like, what’s my favourite colour? I’d always worn pink girly stuff when I’m a bigger fan of purple.

Then I had to ask myself what sort of person am I? Am I bubbly and zany? Not really. I’m eccentric, but I like nicer things. I thought of my favourite role models, and then memories of Breakfast at Tiffany’s came to mind!

SO. I had a colour and I had a role model: Audrey Hepburn. What else was there to consider? Was this enough to go back to making a science out of –instead of continuing to wing it the way I was?

And the answer was yes. All I needed was a role model and a colour. The role model provided style inspiration, and the colour was a starting point to choose complimentary colours. With these two clues I was able to build a good part of my wardrobe.

Then I fantasized about places I’d like to go to one day; everywhere I found interesting spoke Spanish. What would I wear in Gran Canaria, Las Palmas?

The more I thought about it, the more I began to love this feeling of designing myself. I could be anyone, anywhere.

But what about Prom?

Prom was right around the corner and this provided me one epic opportunity to really re-invent myself. Or invent. I guess invent. I could hardly call the pink pastel princess clothing I’d always been handed down as me on any level at all!

At this point it was easy; first I poured myself over images of every looks, style, and fashion Audrey Hepburn used to wear in her prime. Gorgeous lady she was!

Then I started to break down a few key fashions I really like. I didn’t know what I liked at first, but some dresses really stood out to me. My heart would skip a beat. I focused on that feeling, because later that feeling became my intuition.

And then I focused on colour. What shade of my favourite colour purple would look good with any particular style?

Lastly, I took to the internet for online boutique prom dresses. It was a snap! I traded sparkles for ruffles, and opted for a classy vintage-looking dinner dress. Looking “older” and more mature is a whole lot easier to do when you aren’t showing off your rebellion all the time (and covering up a little bit). Every girl rebels with skimpy dresses, so dressing with style and authentic class is the only kind of rebellion I wanted.

Prom dress shopping pro-tip!

Did you know that some prom dress shops have a registry for every event so they don’t sell the same dress twice? I didn’t. But now you do!


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