2 Jul 2015

Falls among Elderly People – Causes and Measures for Prevention

Keeping their elderly member secure and safe is the foremost priority of any family. We often take all kind of measures to prevent our elders from getting into any kind of home accident but still most of them turn out to be futile. What we certainly need is appropriate introspection into the reasons accounting for such things and helps our elders in becoming independent, because as they say “God helps those who help themselves.

Some eye opening facts

Statistics and research reports have shown that annually, one out of three adults of age group 65 or older are victims of falls moreover around 2.5 million ends up in emergency departments for their fall-related injuries and few succumbs to such injuries.

The risk of falling has increased with each passing decade, and so is the no of unlucky people who couldn’t make it. The one who survives such falls suffers from prolonged consequences of fall injuries, such as hip fractures and traumatic brain injuries (TBI), this severely impact their health and independence.

Falls being an inevitable part of aging can be prevented. From every one to anyone can take simple measures to help the elderly people.

Prevention Measures

All of us can play a significant role in preventing falls by motivating the elderly in our life to:

  • Exercise. Lack of exercise is a prominent reason for weak legs, and this increases the chances of falling by multifold. There are popular exercise programs like Tai Chi, which helps in increasing the strength and improve muscles coordination.
  • Resisting medications. Many medicines along with combinations of medicines induce dizziness or drowsiness, which facilitate falling. It is a good practice to have a doctor or pharmacist double check all medications which can in turn help in reducing the chance of adverse effects and drug interactions.
  • Help in keeping their vision sharp. Poor vision makes it tough to move and get around safely. It is must for elderly people to have their eyes checked twice or at least once a year and inducing in them the habit of wearing glasses or contact lenses so as to ensure they have a clear vision.
  • Purging out fall hazards from the home.  More than half of falls happen at home. Taking a hard look at your home safety can help a great deal in recognizing the potential fall hazards that should be removed.

Home Safety Tips

One should follow the checklist below, which can help the elderly from falling at home:

  • Clearing out things one can stumble over (such as clatters, clothes, and shoes) from stairs and places where you walk.
  • Putting good, sturdy handrails with proper lightings on all staircases.
  • Using cabinets for keeping one’s stuff, so you one can reach easily.
  • Installing grab bars in bathroom and toilet.
  • Using non-slip mats and floor clothes near bathtub and shower floors.
  • Installing better lighting in homes
  • Encouraging wearing shoes both inside and outside the house. Avoiding bare feet as much as possible.

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