14 Jul 2015

Take Your Workout Out(doors)

So the long-awaited summer’s here and it’s time to shed those bulky, furry clothes for thin layers of t-shirts or even stroll ‘round the beach in a bikini. Unfortunately, for most us this means exercise and preparation in order to make that camera-ready, unbuttoned-shirt chiseled looka reality. While dieting is certainly a big part of keeping the weight down, exercise is what makes the muscles grow tight andyour spirits up, your body healthy.

Breathe In

But why limit yourself to the stuffy confines of a gym, when you can let warm rays of sunlight bathe your skin, and let fresh air pay a visit to your lungs? Furthermore, openness and freedom truly are things that pay tribute to the human psyche. Whether it’s jogging, sprinting, bodyweight exercise or outdoors gym that you’re in the mood for, blue skies above one’s head and exhaling fresh airduring those hefty reps are things that can make anyone feel like they’re accomplishing something.

Exercise Diversity

The thing about working out outdoors is that there’s literally no limit. Want to go jogging? That’s easy – just visit your local running trek. Seeing as how these are usually found in forests, surrounded by trees, this is a great way to get in touch with nature without causing trauma to your knees, as is the case with inner-city running. You can try some High Intensity Interval Training sprint sessions and end up spending no more than an extremely effective 15 minutes. Want to tighten those muscles? Do not fret, this is where bodyweight exercise kicks in. Equipment for this type of workouts can be found literally anywhere. In fact, all you need is a horizontal pole and you can do those chin-ups and pull-ups until you’re beat. Word is, these two employ every muscle from the waist up, so feel free to try ‘em out and get that lean body you’ve always craved. Not your cup of tea? Want to bulk up? Consider Gold Standard Whey protein powder, no matter if you’re jogging or doing deadlifts. Taking this type of supplement recuperates muscles and renders you ready for the next workout session.

Music and Motivation

If you prefer concentrating and/or enjoying music while working out to exercising with a partner, you can get a cheap iPod arm strap in order to avoid breaking this expensive piece of equipment during your next sprint. If you’re feeling really experimental, there are numerous DIY tutorials online, involving nothing but an old sock and a pair of scissors that will help you make a homemade arm strap, so feel free to check this out, and may the gods of DIY smile upon you.

The Downsides

However, taking your summer exercise outside does come with a certain amount of danger, so be prepared and careful. While jogging/running in your local forest is as immaculate as it gets, the presence of danger in the wilderness is most definitely not something to take lightly. Wild animals like snakes, wildcats, bears even, hidden beehives and poisonous plants remain a danger, so be wary. While your local gym comes not only with top-of-the-line equipment, but also with top-notch bodybuilders, there’s no guarantee that any professional will be there to spot you outside, so this can result in serious injuries.

Therefore, be careful, don’t let the adrenaline push you into rash decisions, whether these concern drifting from a jogging track or overestimating your strength, and you can enjoy the natural way of staying healthy and lean.


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