23 Jul 2015

The Importance of Living Pure

The hectic world we live in has given us a lot to think about –finding ways to divide time between work and family, ways to squeeze at least 30 minutes of workout into your crazy schedule, trying to eat organic when fast food joints are at every corner and, ultimately – learning to treat our skin in such a way that it remains clean, pure and toxin-free.

Can “organic” really be related to cosmetic products?

Generally speaking, when something is labeled a “natural product” it means that most of its ingredients come from nature. Meaning, these products aren’t supposed to contain any synthetic compounds and should be cultivated without the use of irradiation, pesticides, and – of course - synthetic chemicals.

With the intent of living as pure as possible, many cosmetic labels have made it their mission to fashion products that will be 100% natural and therefore, better for your overall skin health. So, yes – organic is rightfully connected to cosmetic products, just be sure to opt for the brand you can actually trust.

Are there brands who falsely advertise their product as “organic”?

With the recent talks of “organic” it seems that more has been invested in the marketing than the reality of it. Given that there are no industry standards or regulations for anything labeled “organic” or “natural”, manufacturers are at liberty to mix and match products that, even though come from nature, are bad for your skin. With so many self-proclaimed “organic” producers out there, consumers may get confused and tricked into spending loads of money on something that is not even efficient.

But can I trust the bigger players?

Luckily for all of us, there are still honest brands who first care about the health of their consumers and then about everything else. One such company is without a doubt 100 Percent Pure which has been at the top of “natural” and “organic” game for quite some time now. The team behind it is a group of professionals who have put their heads together and created an absolutely amazing, healthy cosmetic line. Their beauty products are formulated in such a way that they will not only give you a picture perfect finish, but they’ll also improve the health of your skin in the long run. 100 Percent Pure originate their products through mixes of essential oils, naturally occurring vitamins and high performing antioxidants.

Surveying their customers, we’ve learned that they’ve had only positive experience with 100 Percent Pure’s produce and recommendations such as wonderfully scented Organic coffee bean caffeine eye cream, preventing the puff under your eyes, Super fruit cream, a super efficient anti-again remedy for mature skin types, Fruit pigmented lip & Cheek stain: Cherry and Coconut nourishing body cream immediately followed. The brilliant twist is that they offer organic makeup too. From Blackest creamy long last liner, over Fruit pigmented mascara to Cocoa pigmented bronzer, the team behind 100 Percent Pure fashions plenty other great products, making sure their customers are always satisfied.

What most of us don’t know is that our skin can absorb up to 64% of what is placed on it; meaning, even the smallest of toxins from pesticides will get into your skin and stay there, contaminating our bodies for the long run. This is why you should be very smart when choosing your organic supplier – whether it being for food, medicine or cosmetics and makeup purposes. Always be sure to trust the team behind your daily “nature” intake.


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