12 Aug 2015

The Importance of Rehabilitation Counseling

Mental or physical disabilities are, unfortunately, an inevitable part of life for many, and a problem not talked about enough, and one where definitely not enough is publicly done to promote a easier life for them. Whether a disability is present from birth, or it occurs sometime later in life, one thing is sure – it reduces, or completely diminishes one person’s capacity to perform their daily routine and limits their activities. Ever since it became a real profession in the mid 20th century, rehabilitation counseling became an efficient way to helping the disabled cope with their situation, and live a high quality life despite it.

What is Rehabilitation Counseling?

In order to understand rehabilitation counseling we will first have to define the very term of counseling – it is a learning-oriented process performed in a simple environment in which a professionally competent counselor helps a patient, all within the context of a learning program, and appropriate to the patient’s needs. Rehabilitation applies this process to the disabled and helps them appraise their strengths and weaknesses so they can function socially, occupationally and personally in a more adequate manner and live as productive members of society. All relevant research shows that, if people are supported to live more independently, they are far healthier and rely less on their caregivers. So, putting the complicated definitions aside, rehabilitation counseling makes people with disabilities happier and healthier.

What is the Job of a Rehabilitation Counselor?

Rehabilitation Counselors begin by achieving a Diploma of Disability, after which they acquire professional skills in vocational assessment, personal counseling, vocational counseling, job placement, management and independent living planning and management and co-ordination of services. In other words, rehabilitation counselors, in coordination with families and other professionals, develop treatments based on one person’s goals, limitations and personal values and help it to overcome disabilities and utilize its strengths to fullest extent.  Connecting with the community and a educating disabled individual of what kind of services are available and how to access and utilize them is one of the most important parts of this job.

Why is Rehabilitation Counseling So Important?

Rehabilitation counseling stands out because it involves so much more than simple training and classroom work. It is an empowering process that teaches individuals how to retake control over their lives, or learn this for the first time. The holistic nature of counseling focuses the rehabilitation process on the whole person and includes mental, physical and spiritual aspects, observing the human being as more than the sum of individual components. Other underlining principle is maximization of a disabled individual’s self-responsibility for its own healing and health maintenance and potential for using its own resources to engage life situations. Last but not the least, rehabilitation counseling gives very strong attention to high-level wellness, which in advance, serves as a foundation for development of the disabled person’s creativity, calmness and joy.

With all things said, it is easy to see why the demand for rehabilitation counseling services increases higher as time goes by. The opportunity to start over and take control of your life will forever be one of 


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