21 Sep 2015

Bone Revival with Algae Calcareas

Every person has to take care of the frame that holds the body in its natural shape – their bones. One of the main elements that keep our bones healthy and strong is calcium. As we  grow, our bones keep developing, which is why babies and little children need to drink a lot of milk – to get enough calcium. However, as we reach our fifties, our body cannot produce enough calcium any more, which is why our organism starts taking it from our bones, increasing their fragility and weakness, and increasing chance for osteoporosis and similar bone conditions. Luckily, the AlgaeCal Company offers a wide assortment of calcium-based supplements to improve bone strength.

AlgaeCal has a mission of providing people with products that are manufactured only from ingredients produced by nature. The market of food supplements is saturated with artificial products that do so much harm that they neutralize the good. As a company completely turned to natural solutions, AlgaeCal is focusing not only on AlgaeCal Basic, its leading product made from algae calcareas, but also on its other calcium and protein enriched products.

AlgaeCal's products are completely in accordance with nature. Unlike some other products that are advertised as "natural sources of calcium", the AlgaeCal Basic veggie capsules comprise pure, natural calcium, extracted from marine algae. By choosing to brand their company with the name of the algae itself, AlgaeCal has chosen to maintain a reputation worthy of the natural elements within its products.

The AlgaeCal reasearch team stand firmly behind their products. The experts who (quite literally) encapsulate AlgaeCal guarantee that the bone density of clients will increase in six months. Of course, this progress is only as speedy as clients heed dosage instructions.

Some clients might ask why algae is used as a source of calcium and not limestone. While calcium derived that way is also a natural mineral, the body does not absorb it easily, unlike calcium derived from food. Since it gets into our blood vessels, but does not enter the cells, this calcium keeps piling up as sediment, forming arterial plaque. That is the reason why we do not use sedimentary rocks to get calcium for our products.

In addition to calcium, the products comprise dozens of other minerals, necessary for graceful aging. The quality of the algae-based products have been recognized and certified by IFOAM and USDA.

In conclusion, if you are noticing that your bones are getting weaker or that you suffer from hypertension caused by vascular calcification, consult both your doctor and AlgaeCal experts, to 


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