9 Oct 2015

How to Shop Your Favourite Celeb's Closet?

Actors are meant to act, singers are meant to sing, athletes are meant to win. But once they all reach celebrity status, they get a new title – role model. We look up to them and vicariously live their lives with them, because that level of glamour is entirely unattainable for most of us. The most obvious way we emulate celebrities is with their personal fashion style, and they know that, and make the most out of our adoration.

Long-sleeved, lace wedding dresses made a big comeback the moment Duchess Kate Middleton appeared in her beautiful wedding dress by Sarah Burton. Kanye West started meddling with fashion when he returned shutter shades, but he reached peak style with his own personal dressing style – a monochromatic combination of formal and casual wear on the fashion scene. He is now a fashion designer himself. The list goes on.

Not only are famous people trend setters making clothing lines from the runways more approachable, but they have their own clothing lines, too. They collaborate with affordable clothing chains and bring their fashion style to the lives of everyday people.

Celebrity fashion lines

Inexpensive collections for every budget let the fans to wear favourite pieces of their fashion idols. It does not come as a surprise that these pieces are sold out in a day or two.

The ultimate fashionista child stars, the Olsen twins, had their first collection at the age of twelve. Now, they can be proud of various clothing and jewellery lines, including their affordable one called Olsenboye that they released through JCPenney.

Jessica Simpson conquered the market with her the girl next door strategy . From shoes and clothes to maternity and swim apparel, Simpson is the owner of a $1 billion brand.

Victoria Beckham launched her affordable line Victoria by Victoria Beckham in 2011, which included dresses, handbags, denim and fragrance.

Some of the latest celebrity collections ready to wow all their fans these days are Ellen DeGeneres’ ED by Ellen, Snooki’s Lovanna, Melissa McCarthy’s Seven7 and Rebel Wilson’s Rebel for Torrid.

Celebrity’s second-hand clothes

Apart from buying items from celebrity fashion collections, you can also literally shop their closets. Usually, the money from these pieces go to charity. For example, Keira Knightley's legendary green dress from the film Atonement was sold at an auction for a whooping $50,000.

For those who do not have a budget of $50,000, there is another way to wear your favourite celeb’s clothes. eBay has a separate section for celebrities selling their clothes and supporting the charity of the celebrity’s choice.

Even though the Kardashian and Jenner sisters each donate 10% donate to charity through eBay's Giving Works programme, these famous sisters made a real business out of selling their old/unworn clothes. According to Cosmopolitan, the family earned around $277,400 between February 2013 and February 2014 by selling around 2000 items.

Fashion websites

If you are not a die-hard fan and you do not like the idea of wearing other people’s clothes, but you get inspired by your favourite celebs in terms of their fashion style, there is another option you can try.

Various websites, including CelebrityStyleGuide, StealHerStyle, OutfitID, etc. help you find out what celebrities wore at different occasions and where they bought the clothes they were photographed in. This includes both paparazzi shots and instagrams for daywear and photoshoots for something fancy.

The best part about this kind of shopping is that you can find out what is affordable and what is not. When you choose an item selected online, you can get it for a fraction of the original price using promotional codes and coupons.

According to the HELLO! Fashion Monthly research from 2014, 48% of women stated that celebrities are those who influence them the most when it comes to personal style. Taking the omnipresence of Hollywood on social media into account, this number will definitely grow in the future.

At the end of the day, who would not like the chic Céline sunglasses Kim was selling after her end-of-summer closet clear-out?


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