8 Oct 2015

How Women Can Fight with Health Issues Using Physiotherapy?

The anatomical and physiological difference between men and women inevitably gives rise to distinguished health issues. At times, due to several reasons, women undergo massive health problems. Well, most of the times, they resort to oral medications or injections and find a temporary solution to the issue. Exactly, this is where physiotherapy steps in. medical research has found that women suffer from low bone density after they cross thirty years of age, so physiotherapy can definitely help to strengthen the cuff, the waist, the pelvic muscles and the ligaments in women. Also, after they give birth to babies, women can get a lot of help by practicing steps in physiotherapy that helps women to tone up their abdominal muscles and tissues. Apart from musculoskeletal issues, women can also fight neurological disorders, through this form of treatment.

Stages Requiring Treatments:

Apart from prevailing benefits of this therapy, there are other advantages too. Well, it is not only the sports or back injuries that it resolves; but also offers remedies to severe health issues such as multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injuries and other cardiothoracic conditions.

  • Sometimes, physiotherapy is followed up with drugs and muscle therapies, along with numerous yoga postures and freehand exercises that increase the stamina and potential in women.
  • Experienced physiotherapists segregate the entire life span of women in three major stages.
  • The pregnancy period, the menopausal period and the health perils of old age are three most significant ages, in the entire lifespan of women.

Cure Pains during Pregnancy:

Although motherhood is one of the most prized occasions of womanhood, it is not without a fair share of physiological changes. During pregnancy, most women experience abdominal muscle weakness. Other than that, there might occur severe pains and ache in the pelvic girdle area. Bladder or bowel dysfunction also happens to be matters of concern. Well, for the perfect solution to all these health issues, physiotherapy can prove to be the best shot. Muscle exercises for strengthening your abdomen, manual therapies for curing pelvic- joint pains and core stability training for smooth bladder functioning can be the most effective physical therapy methods. Apart from this, after the baby is born, several women suffer from urinary incontinence problems, which can be reduced with the help of advanced physiotherapy. The neuro-skeletal and muscle-system can also be improved by physiotherapy.

Post Menopause Health Issues:

Other most common health issues faced by women are after the menopause. After menopause, the entire physiology experiences a change. And there are several health issues resulting out of this change.

  • Constipation happens to be a significant issue, in this regard. Primarily occurring out of bowel dysfunction, this particular health issue accounts for majority of the women health problems. Effective bladder training according to the physical therapy processes can keep this issue at bay.
  • Apart from constipation, urinary tract infections and stress incontinence is also a matter of concern. Well, with the unique health promotion goals of physical therapies, you can experience complete mitigation of the problem.

Fighting Osteoporosis and Obesity:

Weight gain and increasing obesity are other health hazards experienced by women. However, with the regular practice of manual exercises and stretching, you can shed those extra body fats. Well, you cannot deny the inevitability of aging. But, there is a lot you can do to combat the associating effects. Physiotherapy can prove to be the safest measure of doing that. While advancing towards age, women are plagued with health issues such as osteoporosis and inhibited mobility.

The well-structured physical exercises under physical therapies can be quite effective in eradicating the joint pains. Moreover, treatments like posture-retaining, stretching and muscle strengthening can be beneficial in achieving fluidity in movements. If you want cardiovascular physiotherapy, then you must contact a certified and authenticated physiotherapist.

Every women should get rid of their health issue through effective physiotherapy treatments. Get in touch with us to get detailed information about best physiotherapist. 


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