30 Nov 2015

How Should You Take Care Of Your Silver Bangle?

Wearing silver bangles is basically the same as wearing engagement rings. Any bangle can proudly be worn on all occasions. There is no necessity to think about not being in style, just as with silver rings. You just have to know how to take care of the silver bangles. This is much easier than you may initially think.

What counts the most is being sure that the bangles will shine as they initially did. This is what will draw the attention of those around you. The silver bangles only look great if they shine and if their appearance is not altered. You will not need to go through many complicated steps. You just have to remember the following simple tips.


Never Put Perfume on the Silver Bangle

Many do not know this but silver is basically an alloy, one that includes copper. Because of this combination, it would end up tarnished when you do not take proper care. As the silver comes into contact with a harsh agent, tarnishing appears. That is why you should never put on the bangle before you apply perfume. We say this because of the high alcohol concentration included. It will easily remove jewelry shine.

Because of a similar reason, you have to avoid putting on suntan lotion or basically any skin cream that would come into contact with the silver bangle. Try to avoid wearing when you perform regular household chores. We say this because most of the household cleaning agents will harm the jewelry. It is not at all difficult to keep the silver bangle inside closets and you can wear them just when the time is right. Bangles can distract you while you clean.


Proper Storage of Silver Bangles

Trollbeads recommends that it is vital that you always store silver bangles in an appropriate manner. A failure to do this will ruin the jewelry, thus making your investment worthless. Do wipe away all the dirt and the dust that is accumulate before the storage. Also, do be sure that silver bangles are dry. If you do not do this, they will change color, eventually becoming gold in appearance and next turning black. That is not something that you want to see happen.

Make sure that the silver bangles are completely separated from watches, necklaces, rings and other items you own. All the items need to be sealed separately inside plastic bags so that they would not scratch. Storage can be done inside jewelry boxes. However, you want to be sure that the bangles are not going to end up cut by a sharp edge.



Making an investment in silver bangles is definitely something that you would love but if you are not careful, the jewelry will be damaged and its appearance would no longer be proper. You need to be sure that you do all that you can in order to guarantee that the bangle will look great for a long time. Have patience and always be careful as you clean the jewelry. 


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