2 Dec 2015

Dealing with Wedding Photographer Challenges

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Wedding photographers have to deal with a lot of clients on one of the most emotional days of their lives. They need to capture all the happenings of the day while trying to keep the clients happy. But like any other industry, there are challenges. Here’s a few you may have to face and how to handle them.


Photographers are artists. Every image has their unique style and the editing is done to present the images according to their preferences. So when a photographer realises their work is being used by others to promote their own services, or for promotions and advertising without your permissions, you’re going to be angry and disappointed. This is why many creative Brisbane wedding photographers watermark their images and demand credit or remuneration when their images are used for anything other than the original agreement with the client.

What to Charge

In freelance industries, some photographers will do whatever they can to secure a job. Even if that means offering ridiculously low prices, big promises, and little in the way of delivery. Don’t let people expect you to work for free, set your prices and stick to them. This is why quality over quantity at Studio 4 Photography is so important. Pricing yourself properly will not only help you but also the wedding photography industry.

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Stealing Ideas

Photographers operate in a visual industry. In this space, competitors are always trying to out-edit, out-do and out-pose their competition, even going as far as to replicate your work. This means you need to be constantly evolving and on top of your game, producing top quality work and keeping up with trends.

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As a photographer, clients are always going to ask you to edit them to be taller, thinner, fix problem areas, and so on. You can certainly do a lot with Photoshop, but try to have everything look as best as it can before even taking the photos. Hours of editing can eat into your time and lead to client disappointment.

Trying to Please Everyone

Wedding photographers need to stay positive, be creative, and energetic on their client’s important day. You also need to try and keep them happy. You will be photographing and dealing with a lot of people on that day and will also be playing a big part in successfully executing your tasks. You not only have contact with the bride and groom, but also their parents, the guests, the wedding planner, venue staff, hosts, and a lot of other service providers. Dealing with everyone involved requires a great deal of patience, skill, understanding and, importantly, willingness to do your utmost to please everyone the best you can.

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Mother Nature

Even if you have an absolutely incredible client, the most amazing location for the wedding and a stunning bridal couple, if Mother Nature decides she’s going to make life a little more difficult by throwing a snowstorm, hurricane, or other weather related issues at you, you know you’re going to have your work cut out for you. As a professional wedding photographer, you need to be able to handle any weather situation and be completely equipped to do so.

Copying? What?

Chances are you will experience going into a meeting with a bridal couple who will open a notebook or file full of lovely photographs from other photographers, expecting you to replicate them on their special day. Getting ideas to share with you is great, but the style of the photographers they are sharing with you could be very far removed from your own style. In these cases it’s better to decline and avoid the couple’s disappointment, otherwise you’re setting yourself up for a lot of pressure to copy a style you’re neither comfortable nor equipped to produce.

There are many scenarios that could try your patience as a wedding photographer, remember to be professional, calm, and accommodating as much as you can.


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