9 Dec 2015

Women Starting Their Own Business Can Learn From MLM

Before women got legitimate rights to own and run businesses, women were still heavy in the workforce. Many women would do some form of work, in addition to their housework, to bring some extra coin into the family. The American 50s, known as the period of the housewife, had reputable and well-connected ladies of the house selling everything from makeup to pots and pans. AVON and Tupperware were probably the best known brands that operated through a small army of housewives, selling lifestyle products to their friends and neighbors. This business model is known as multi-level marketing (MLM), probably one of the most effective marketing tools of the 20th century, but also alive and kicking now, in the form of, most notably, AVON and Herbalife.

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For social, amiable women looking to make extra cash in their own tempo, joining an MLM company is a sensible step – they are always hiring. But any ladies who would like to start their own business – and this is an exponentially growing trend in this period of financial doubt – can learn a thing or two from MLM companies. Whether you sell homemade cupcakes or you are a freelance designer, you can rely on tried and tested business models to get your business off the ground and give it a head start – after all, the MLM model is very personal. It's best for selling a lifestyle, and small businesses are usually about that, lifestyle products.

Door to Door Sales

If there is anything that one can learn from AVON, it is that door to door sales are the right way to go. Still, AVON took this old concept one step further and made their door to door saleswomen (AVON ladies) into one of their most recognizable trademarks. Seeing how, AVON ladies work for percentage of their sales, everyone is at the gain. Until this date, (and it has been over a century now) resorting to this method of sales was something that AVON never came to regret.

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Find Pride in What You are Selling

Sure, with proper marketing you could sell anything indeed, but selling a product or offering a service you are proud of makes everything so much easier. MLM network marketing indeed works best for everyday lifestyle products, enabling an attachment and loyalty to the brand to come out of routine. For example, by selling nutrition supplements, weight management, sports nutrition and personal-care products Herbalife, did not have to advertise a single product but an entire lifestyle. All of these products are there to help you achieve better results and lead a healthier lifestyle so all one has to do to advertise them is show what their life can look like if they make the right choice of trusting you.

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Embracing the 21st Century

Now, the most curious thing with modern business world is that it has mostly migrated into the digital environment. However, this is not a negative thing since it only further simplifies the entire process of MLM. All you need to do is get reliable multi-level marketing software and let it do all the heavy lifting for you. No major, company could ever manage their MLM in 21st century without it, so why should a small business or even a startup deprive itself of this advantage.

No Niche is Off Limits

So to sum up, you have Herbalife which is primarily concerned with nutrients and supplementation. You have AVON which production focuses on cosmetics. And then you have LegalShield, a North American company based in Oklahoma providing legal services. So, what connects Herbalife, Avon and LegalShield (apart from being multibillion dollar conglomerates)? Well, the answer to this is quite simple, all of them heavily rely on MLM. As you can see, when it comes to MLM no business niche is off limits.

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Everyone knows that learning by example is probably the most reliable didactic method there is. So, in order to succeed in this dog-eat-dog world of modern business you must do your homework well. Pinpoint some of the companies that you believe to be immensely successful and then try to find out 


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