11 Feb 2016

Ideal gifts for the Valentine’s Day

The Valentine’s Day is getting closer and closer, there are surely those who are starting to panic – you didn’t buy a present for your special someone yet, and you have no idea what do to. The more you wait, the less ideas you seem to have. Despair not, that’s why we’re here, to help you make a perfect choice. Read on to discover several amazing ideas.


1) Gift certificates

This is probably the easiest way out. You know what your special someone loves, but you don’t want to make the wrong choice? With gift certificates, they will be the one making choices, and you’ll just be there to make it possible. On one hand, this gift may not seem like much effort has been put into it, but on the other hand, you will know for sure that your special someone will not be disappointed with what they got from you.


2) Concert tickets

We’re not talking about a date night for Saint Valentine’s Day (though this too can be a good idea) – no, we’re saying that there might be a concert in near future, and your significant other may be eager to go to that concert. If you buy the tickets for the concerts of your loved one’s favorite artist, you know you can’t go wrong.


3) Any other experience

In case the suggestion above doesn’t apply to you, because there are no fun gigs booked anywhere near you in near future, don’t worry, there are always other things to do. Someone once said that giving the gift of an experience is much better than a material gift. If you agree, and you’d love your significant other to have an amazing experience, try looking for spa days, massage or beauty salon treatments, short trips out of town, etc. Those days will always be remembered as “Remember when we went there/did that/ traveled out of town/ etc?”


4) A book

A book is both a material gift and an experience. The only tricky thing is choosing the right one. If you opt for a book as an ideal gift for Saint Valentine’s Day, you should think about what your special someone loves reading. Maybe it’s romance novels, maybe classical literature, or maybe it’s epic fantasy; sticking to their favorite genre is the best way to make the right choice. Best case scenario would be a newly published novel of their favorite writer, or a book of a writer you know they love, but they haven’t read all of their books. If your significant someone is into poetry, you can find a nice edition of poems of their favorite poet – poetry fans can collect multiple editions of the poets they truly love.


5) Something they’ve been wanting for a long time

We’re not the ones to tell you what exactly this might be, but we’re here to point your attention in that direction. Maybe the bottle of their favorite perfume is empty, or maybe they’ve been talking about getting a tattoo, maybe they want a new bag or a new piece of jewelry – you know this better than anyone else. If you opt for this kind of gift, not only will you be truly making your loved one happy with the item they got, you will also be showing that you are aware of their needs and desires. That might easily be one of the best ways to say “I love you” without actually pronouncing those words.

6)  No-brainer life savers

Ok, what are those? Well, you might be reading this thinking – my significant other doesn’t really need a new item that would be special enough to buy as a Valentine’s Day gift, has no favorite artist having a gig in our town, isn’t a fan of books or spa days, and doesn’t even have a favorite store where I can get a gift certificate – what on Earth do I do??? *panic increases* Well, even in that case, something can save you. These “no-brainer life savers” as we called them are actually those kind of generic gifts that may not seem like much, but are always welcomes. You know those bath gift sets, with a sponge and a body lotion and a shower gel? Or those heart shaped chocolate boxes? True, they’re generic, but let’s be honest: if you got one of those as a gift, would you hate them? No, sure you wouldn’t. The only important tip we have here would be this: if you opt for these gifts, get the best quality ones, and combine multiple of them. I.e. instead of a cheap chocolate box, go for top notch chocolate box combined with a bath gift set. Extra tip: include something more permanent, like, for example, a keychain.

We hope that this article has soothed your panic attack and inspired you to get the best gift for your loved one. Remember that any gift given with love is a great gift, and finally, if this love is true love, even if you make a mistake this year, you’ll have twelve months ahead of you to come up with a perfect gift for the next year’s Valentine’s Day.

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