10 Mar 2016

5 Reasons Women Should Play Soccer

Things were different in the US soccer program a few decades ago. When most young girls choose to participate in after-school soccer, rather than football or basketball, small wonder things are like this now. In addition to all the health benefits soccer has to offer, it also teaches important life lessons, inspires teamwork and general collaboration. Although most players are still generally rounded up in the youth category, women of all ages can benefit tremendously. We’ve outlined 5 reasons to get into soccer if you are a girl.

female soccer

5. Lower body fat – Women strive to attain low body fat more obviously than men do. Soccer easily beats running in these terms, as it incorporates both slow-twitch and fast-twitch muscle fibers. The constant switching between the two results in a much higher fat burn.

4. Start at adulthood – A research put together more than 70 women aged 20 through 47, who had no history of previously engaging in soccer. Two-thirds of the test group were randomly assigned to either a soccer team or a running group, while the rest served as a control group. The research lasted for 14 weeks and in this period, the women in the active groups exercised by either running or playing soccer for an hour a day. While the runners clearly saw some improvement, the soccer teams displayed improved muscle strength, balance and even increased bone density.

soccer player

3. Increased social interaction and support – Most people don’t work out due to time constraints. However, playing a team sport makes people set aside time for physical exercise. It is not only more interesting than working out solo, but team sports nurture teamwork and cooperation, strengthening the bond between participants and their communication. The commitment and the fitness goals which have to be followed through are two of the main benefits of engaging in soccer.

2. Because the U.S. women’s team is awesome – For nearly 25 years, the U.S women’s national soccer team has been pretty much dominant on the world stage. The US men's national soccer team is still the better one of the two, but American women have achieved pretty much tremendous results in this sport. In a nation so apathetic and hostile to woman athletes, the female teams haven’t been getting the media coverage that they deserve. Awesome as it is, the U.S. women’s soccer team is a reason enough to help support female sport teams.


1. Because why not – It seems like the “girl power” movement of the 90's fell on deaf ears – 90's kids who have become parents themselves are doing their best to promote Girl sports and Boy sports, as if they didn't protest against such biased views when they were young. It's a real shame, and it is reason enough to kickstart the movement again? Girls can't play sports? Guess again.

If you’re a woman looking to engage in physical activity, be it for health or weight loss, consider rounding up a soccer team and digging up some soccer training equipment. It is never too late to join in this activity and it can do wonders for your physical shape, as well as social interaction and health 


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